Dreams Meet Reality for Author Jessica Garrett Modkins


After years of writing for TV, Film, Speeches and Radio, I have finally written a book that indeed shall pierce the hearts of readers.  It has been a life long dream to write a book of inspiration  but this book supersedes my expectations and has been touted as the “Must-Have Baby Shower Gift!”  This first book address challenges I faced as a new parent.  It is a collection of prayers on subjects I needed God to assist with rearing our child. 

31 days of prayer for baby tackles subjects like obedience, grace, faith, judgment, friendship, wisdom, prosperity, and blessings. This bedside book is more than a novelty.  It is a necessity.  It is perfect for new parents, parents, grandparents, and baby enthusiasts alike.  It is a practical instructional manual that takes you back to the essence of prayer.

Additionally, 31 days of prayer for baby can be read daily by date or by topic.   This allows readers the opportunity to pray based upon specific needs, which is exactly how this book was birthed. Each daily prayer guides you through putting God in remembrance of His Word, as you speak blessings, favor, and victory over your little one’s life.  Order your copy today – order@harpermcneal.com  or call 404.447.4439.


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